Hélène Picard, PhD in Management Science

Assistant Professor in Management and Organizational Behavior at Grenoble Ecole de Management within the People, Organizations and Societies department, I am a member of the AFMO (Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations) research team as well as a contributor to the Chair on Economic Peace, Mindfulness and Well-being at work.

I specialize on questions related to the contemporary worklife, and to managerial and social innovations.

In particular, I have developed a strong interest and expertise in analyzing critically the emergence of innovative  resources that are put in place by companies, with the explicit aim of working towards the development of alternative, more inclusive and potentially emancipatory organizing practices. In other terms, I am to respond through my research to the following question: what are the possible consequences, advances and drawbacks, opportunities and limits in the current managerial interest in “alternative organizing” in the largest possible sense?

In the recent years, I have conducted one of the first in-depth comparative study of the practical effects of managerial innovations such as so-called “liberated companies”, especially helping to understand the lived consequences of such discourses that promote the abolition of authoritarian postures at work.

I have a training in political sciences, as well as in human resources management and organizational theory, with a marked interest in critical management approaches. I am also very interested in psychodynamics approaches, especially on the issue of speech in organization, and the subjective and intersubjective experience people have of work-related phenomena, in order to develop forms of organizing and working that may be more respectful of actors and subjects in the workplace. I am also an associated researcher of the OCE research Center à emlyon business school.

This website will hopefully provide more information and (more or less :)) regular updates on my current projects, and will help us getting in touch !

Research Interests

“Liberated” Management and Managerial Alternatives; Employee participation; Critical Management Studies; Organizational psychoanalysis; Discourse Analysis; Qualitative methodologies; Human Resources Management; Leadership.